Design Technology

Design Technology!


At College Park Infant School, Design Technology is supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

Children have lots of opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, experiement, predict, plan and question in many fun and exciting ways!

D.T Curriculum Week 2015


We had an amazing DT week this year, completing challenges that focused on our design, creative and evaluative skills!

We made inventions from junk modelling (with the help of our Dads, Grandads and Uncles!), designed and flew kites, created our own pop-up cards for Mothers Day and had a visit from pop-up book author Paul Stickland!

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DT week and Easter 007


Design Technology in Year R


Making Nests!  

Children make nests for Mrs Leszczyk’s garden that are able to hold nests using natural and man-made materials.


Children make a moving part of a castle such as a drawbridge, door or window.

Design Technology in Year 1

Moving Pictures

Children will make a simple moving picture relating to a studied text in class.
(Last year we made pictures showing 3 Billy Goats Gruff crossing the bridge, it was fun!)



Children have the opportunity to bake different foods with the help of class helpers. Last year we made yummy food like shortbread and biscuits.

Junk Modelling

Children design and produce products to fit a purpose using given materials and items from the recycling bin! Last year they made modes of transport and their class animals.

Design Technology in Year 2

Fridge Magnet

Children investigate materials to make their own exciting fridge magnet! Last year it was based on their favourite Raold Dahl character.



Children design a puppet!


Wheeled Vehicle

Children make a Moon buggy, supporting their amazing Space topic. The Moon Buggy is designed, made and evaluated.


DT Leader: Miss L Thompson