Welcome to the Handwriting Area

Handwriting is a key element of writing and as such communication.  From YR we teach handwriting using a cursive script.  This has been chosen to allow children to naturally develop joined-up handwriting when they are ready.  In order to write neatly and accurately, all children need to be holding a pencil or pen with the correct grip.  Within school, we use Hand-gym activities to strengthen pencil grip.This is the first important step on the way to forming letters and writing words.
Children are taught how to form each letter using the correct entry and exit stroke, for example, each entry stroke begins in the same place on a line.  This ensures that when a child is ready, joined-up handwriting is easily achievable.  The joining of letters is explored within Y1 or Y2 with continued focus on the need for clear entry and exit strokes.  As children develop their confidence and skills, emphasis is placed upon the importance of handwriting being legible.  Indeed, the purpose of writing is to be read!
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