At College Park, P.E. covers three areas: Dance, Games and Gymnastics.
In addition children are shown how important it is to be active and how their body changes when it is active.


In Dance we will learn to move imaginatively, responding to music, sounds, stories, poems and ideas.

We learn and perform basic skills (for example, travelling, being still, making shapes, jumping, turning and gesturing) to use in dances.

We explore changing the rhythm, speed, level and direction of our movements.

We create, practise and perform dances using simple movement patterns, including those from different times and cultures.

We explore how to express and communicate ideas and feelings using our bodies.


In Games we will learn to travel with, send and receive a ball, or another piece of equipment, in different ways.

We will develop these skills so that we can use them in simple net, striking/fielding and invasion-type games.

We will play simple net, striking/fielding games that we have learned, or have created ourselves, using simple tactics for attacking and defending.


In gymnastics we learn basic skills of travelling, stillness (balance) and using space well on the floor and on apparatus.

We learn, practice and improve skills and actions like balancing, taking off and landing, turning and rolling.

We learn how to choose from these different skills and actions and put them together.

We learn how to create and perform sequences of movements.

We explore moving in different directions, speeds and on different levels so we can make the sequences more interesting.

And we do all of this showing control of our bodies!