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Spelling is a key skill for both writing and reading and we place great emphasis on children being able to spell words accurately.

Phonics leaflet

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Yr R

Jolly Phonics is taught with each child learning a new sound every day.  Each child is given a sound book which they practice at home as well as support writing in school.  Children use phonics to segment and blend letters into words for reading and writing.

Yr 1 &  Yr 2

Letters and Sounds programme is followed building on sounds learnt and extending spelling skills including alternative sound patterns.  There are 6 Phases within Letters and Sounds which build upon phonics knowledge and the conventions of spelling.
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Try these fun Spelling activities at home!
Add the correct sound
to a word
Blend sounds to
make words
Adding long vowel sounds
find spelling patterns
cvc word maker
Learning high frequency