Year 1


Year 1 is made up of 4 classes – Rabbits, Badgers, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. These woodland animals, like the children, are slightly bigger in size than those in Year R.

Year 1 are moving into the Key Stage One curriculum where they learn in different subject areas but also make links across subjects through topics. These cover learning in English, Maths, Science, Art and R.E. not to mention Personal, Social and Health Education!



Our topic for the first Summer term 

will be

‘Life on the Ocean Waves’


 Image result for clipart pirate boat




We started our new topic by visiting HMS Victory and learning about Nelson.

Click on the picture to look inside this famous boat!

Image result for hms victory



In Geography we will be improving our knowledge about the Oceans and Continents of the World

There are 7 continents and 5 oceans, click on the links below to learn more about all of them! 

Image result for seven continents song                            Image result for five oceans song


Please ensure that your child continues to read at home, even if only for a few minutes each night.

Don’t forget to keep completing the Reading Passports.


Dates to remember

 25th May – Pirate Day (details to follow)