Year 2

Year Two  

We are the Big Cats!

Year 2 is made up of 4 classes – Lions, Panthers, Snow Leopards and Tigers.  These children are the biggest in our school!

Year 2 continue to work within the Key Stage 1 curriculum where they learn in different subject areas but also make links across subjects through topics. They build upon their skills and knowledge from Year 1 extending their understanding of key concepts.



Our second topic for this school year is

‘Pumpkin Soup’ 

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We will be reading the stories by Helen Cooper and thinking about the characters.


In English, we will be making Pumpkin Soup and then writing the instructions.  We will also attempt to write instructions for our own creative and delicious vegetable soup. 

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In Science, we will be thinking about how to be healthy including exercise and the foods we should eat.

It is important to remember that all foods are good for you in moderation!

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