Year 2

Year Two  

We are the Big Cats!

Year 2 is made up of 4 classes – Lions, Panthers, Snow Leopards and Tigers.  These children are the biggest in our school!

Year 2 continue to work within the Key Stage 1 curriculum where they learn in different subject areas but also make links across subjects through topics. They build upon their skills and knowledge from Year 1 extending their understanding of key concepts.




We are very proud of how well the children have settled into their new classes and are making new relationships with different children. 

We have been busy agreeing our new class rules and learning about our new class animal.

Year 2 Staff



Our topic for this term is 

‘This is Our City!’ 


 Image result for aerial view of portsmouth


We will be extending our understanding of geographical features and thinking about what features are significant to Portsmouth.

Did you know that Portsmouth is the only island city in the UK? 




We will also be learning about a significant local person called John Pounds.

We will be visiting his workshop on our school trip to find out what an amazing man he was and why he cooked so many potatoes!! 

Image result for john pounds