Year R




Year R is made up of 4 classes – Butterflies, Honeybees, Dragonflies & Ladybirds.  

These children are the youngest in our school!


Year R continue to work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.  They build upon their skills and knowledge from nurseries and preschools extending their understanding of key concepts.




We have now learnt all our main phonic sounds including alternative digraphs.  Click on the website below to find some exciting phonic games to play.    (use any games up to Phase 5)




Our New Topic for this final Summer Term is:




We will be imagining ourselves as Robinson Crusoe stranded on an island and writing a message in a bottle.            



 We will also be investigating things that will float and things that will sink.  

Click below to learn more about it, including a fun game to play!

Image result for sesame street sink or float