Welcome to Butterfly Class!


(click on the butterfly above to read some facts)

 Our Class Teacher is Mrs Pitt.  

Our Learning Support Assistant (LSA) is Mrs Figgins.

Our Special Needs Assistants (SNA) are Mrs Ellcome & Mrs Nash.

Our Lunchtime Supervisor is Mrs Langmead.


  This half-term our topic is 

‘Dinosaur Roar!’

It has been very exciting in Reception! We were given a large egg to look after but we didn’t know what kind of egg it was!

We kept it safe until it hatched. We talked about all the creatures and animals it could be.

Finally the egg hatched, we were so excited – it was a baby dinosaur Apatosaurus. He was very small and cute!

We found out lots of interesting facts and information about the Apatosaurus.  We cannot wait to share it with the other class when we have our exhibition.




  Click on the pictures below to find out some facts about your class insect.   


Thursday mornings (8.45-8.55) parents are invited in to the class to share a book with their child. We will be starting on Thursday 18th October.


Don’t forget to keep reading at home too! 



 Keep practising your phonics.

It will really help with your reading and writing!